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QuickTech offers the best computer repairs service in Canberra and surrounding areas.

We provide dependable, affordable, and effective computer repairs in Canberra and surrounding areas. If you want to get your computer fixed, you want a computer technician in Canberra who will get the job done efficiently, so that you can get back to work, or gaming, or watching your favorite show. We depend on our computers for much of our day. It can be very frustrating when your computer stops working and you have to pull out an old laptop only to remember why you replaced it in the first place. Call QuickTech to get a computer technician in Canberra who can help you immediately. We provide emergency computer repairs in Canberra and can help you fix PC problems quickly. We also offer online computer repair help and solutions to help you resolve the issue – if it isn’t a hardware problem.


Call our helpline number 02 9054 5350 for computer repairs in Canberra today!

Our technicians are experts at Mac and PC repairs and maintenance. QuickTech provides only the best computer repair services in Canberra.

QuickTech has local PC repair shops in Canberra, and we provide onsite computer repairs for any customer who would prefer a site visit. We also have online PC repairs via remote support to help navigate any software issues you might be experiencing. Our computers are our lifeline when it comes to work and relaxation. When they stop working, we need a quick resolution and dependable services from someone competent. At QuickTech, we handpick our computer technicians and train them for any issues they will come across with any make or model that is available. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, or Mac, our expert computer technicians in Canberra can assist you to ensure you can get back to your work.

If you require any computer component, or circuit board repair or replacement, we can help you get that resolved in no time. We can get access to any replacement part that you might require to fix your computer. Our computer technician will test and double check any issue you have to make sure you don’t face the same problem again.

Call us on our helpline any time to get an expert computer technician in Canberra for an onsite visit. We value our customers; which is why we provide quick resolutions for any issue at affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Our services and some issues we can help you with include:

  • Home computer repair
  • Fixing overheating issues for Laptops
  • Data backup and restore
  • Wireless network setup and configuration
  • Computer circuit board repair
  • Computer screen repair and replacement
  • Virus protection
  • Spyware removal
  • Laptop keyboard repair and replacement
  • Fix laptop charging issues
  • Blank screen issues
  • The computer not starting up

Our technicians can help you fix computer problems quickly. Call our helpline number 02 9054 5350 today.


Computer repairs need to be done when you are facing issues with the system. The pricing system for every other repair shop in Canberra varies. On average, if the computer is not functioning correctly, it costs up to $79.50/hour to have it fixed. However, this rate can still go for as low as $55/hour if you only have a minor computer issue or as high as $99/hour for a more complex problem that needs a significant repair.

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If the computer is more than seven years old or more than that and requires a repair that is more than 25% of the cost of a new computer, it is not worth fixing. Instead, one should opt for a new computer. If the repair cost is higher, then it is time that you should think about taking a new system. Any system under 5 years is a toss, but 7 years or more is not worth fixing.

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If you feel that the computer’s performance is lacking, then replacing a traditional hard drive with an SSD can increase the computer’s load time and speed. But if your computer is running out of hard drive space, adding up a new hard drive will do the work. Going for a new computer is not essential if the hard drive can be replaced or changed.

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Old laptops sometimes are worth keeping if they contain valuable parts that are still working. If you are lucky enough, you might make money selling the valuable parts of the laptop, then selling the whole functional unit. In contrast, others can make you little money, which you can invest into a new device. So, yes, some old laptops are worth keeping.

Call us for computer repairs in Canberra if you need help with the system.

The average lifespan of a PC is typically from three to five years and is gauged by various factors, including usage patterns, environmental conditions, and computing needs. Many PCs, if properly maintained, will last far longer than this and possibly a decade or more if it is repaired and serviced at the proper time.

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