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Are your computer applications taking too much time to load? Or is your computer running very slow today?Perhaps it’s because of unwanted files in your computer.Well, your computer requires a good clean up!Are you wondering how to free up space on your PC?Call us on 1300 016 017 if you would like an expert technician to tune up your PC!

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When you are running computer programs which consume large amounts of data, temporary files are created. This can reduce PC performance. By deleting those unnecessary temporary files, we can increase disk space and improve PC performance.

A slow computer can make a real hassle. Luckily, we’re here to increase speed improve PC performance.

It not only keeps your information protected but it’s also important for your computer’s overall health. We help prevent viruses and malware, which allows programs to run quicker and smoother.

When troubleshooting, it’s important to identify if the problem your PC is encountering is being caused by hardware or software. We can better help you by identifying what’s causing the issue in the first place.

With disk defragmentation, we increase your computer speed by rearranging your disk files. We relieve you from the stress of working on a slow computer. We also ensure that you do not suffer from frequent computer crashes or freezes. Contact us today and see how your PC performance improves.


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Computer tuneups should be done on a regular basis and are crucial as they help in maintaining the life and efficiency of the system. Regular tune ups are said to offer a lot of benefits, but the main two are: 

  1. It speeds up your PC: A computer tune up can get rid of the files and programs that are of no use and that clog-up your system. This automatically makes your computer run faster as it will not have to load and run unused data. 
  2. Your PC will be free of viruses and spyware: Our team will conduct a thorough scan of your entire system in order to make sure that it is completely free of viruses, spyware, as well as other undesirable programs which can result in slow operating speed, system instability, and even identity theft. We will also ensure that your firewall protection is on as well as making sure that your anti-virus software is updated.

Windows 10 is the most sophisticated system that has been launched recently. It is  organically fast and efficient; however, having a professional to test and run diagnostics gives your system a better life. Here are some tips which we suggest and are easy to run without much technical skill:

  1. Change your power settings: Are you using Windows 10’s power-saver plan? Well, you’re slowing down your PC. This plan reduces your PC’s performance in order to save energy. Changing your power plan from power saver to high-performance will give you an instant performance boost. If you’re wondering how to do it, you can contact us and we’ll help you.
  2. Disable programs that run on start-up: One reason your Windows 10 PC might be slow is because you’ve got too many programs running in the background i.e. programs that you may never use or only rarely. Stop them from running and your PC will operate  more smoothly. Don’t know how to do it? Contact us and we will help you.

In the same way that you take your car for a regular service, you need to have the right solution and care for your computer as well. It’s expected that all computers will experience slower speeds at some point. Here are some ways you can improve computer performance.

  1. Uninstall unnecessary software: Your computer comes preloaded with a number of applications that many won’t use but that can eat up system resources. You can identify these when you see a pop-up prompting you to update a program you have never used before. If you are not sure how exactly to do this, you can contact us and we will help you.
  2. Add more RAM to your PC: Windows 10 uses less RAM than previous versions. Increasing RAM memory has been a way to improve computer performance for years. You can take your computer to an expert to have more RAM installed.
  3. Use disk cleanup and defragmentation: Every computer has a number of files and programs on its hard drive that haven’t been used in a while or are unnecessary. Disk cleanup allows you to find which applications and files can be deleted from your computer; freeing up drive space for the programs you will use. Wondering how to do it? Contact us and we will help you.

Are you up to speed  with the new normal? This includes remote learning and working from home! One of the last things you may want to deal with is a slow computer. If you are struggling with a slow computer, here are some of the things that may be causing  it:

  • Neglect of  Windows or driver updates 
  • Malware or viruses 
  • Old or fragmented hard drive 
  • Running out of disk drive space 
  • Running out of RAM 
  • Special effects and visual features 
  • Too many background programs 
  • Too many startup programs 

Don’t automatically give up on your slow computer. Take a few minutes to troubleshoot it. Just contact us and we will be there to help you!

In spite of the appealing gaming consoles out there, PC gaming is still very much alive! Enthusiasts know that nothing else beats the quality of the gaming you get with a desktop built for gaming. So let us see how to tune up your PC for gaming. 

  • Upgrade your Graphics Drivers for an immediate FPS boost: Your graphics card is the centrepiece of your gaming experience. But its performance will not be optimized without the proper software installed on your PC or laptop. 
  • Supercharge your Graphics Card: Your gaming performance is mostly dependent on the power of your graphics chip, and on how much memory you have or how fast your processor is! 
  • Uninstall old programs: Windows will keep getting slower and slower with each program you install on your PC or laptop. And it has a direct effect on all of your favourite PC games! The reason for this is that a lot of programs run some sort of background activity, even when they’re not being used. 

You can always call us if you would like an expert technician to tune up your PC for gaming!

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