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Modem and Phone Line Relocation

Just relocated to a new location? Concerned about networking, broadband, modem and phone line connection?

Perhaps your computer needs to be connected to the Internet and tested.

Are you experiencing dead spots in the office or home?

Wondering how to do it?

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You may want to move your broadband route because the Wi-Fi coverage around your home or where you use it most isn’t as good as you would have liked. Or you would like it near your TV equipment so that you can hardwire your Smart TV. Well, we can relocate your broadband router in your home to a preferable position.

If you have a preferred location of where you want your NBN equipment and devices installed, contact us. We can move internal NBN equipment and devices.


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It is easy to move your phone line from an existing phone jack to a new one in another room. Just unscrew the existing jack from the wall and attach the color-coded wires for the new cable to the matching terminals. Now, run the cable to the new jack and attach the matching wires to it. Too confusing? Don’t worry. You can contact us and we’ll help you!
Are there Wi-Fi dead zones in your home? You can fix it by just moving your router. So, yes, you can relocate a router. And if you need any help, contact us!
Once you set up all your Internet devices in a specific place, it is configured to work from that location in your home. Are you wondering if you can move your Internet modem to another room? There are a number of reasons why you should consider moving your Internet modem to a new room. It could be because you are shifting rooms. It could be because you are redecorating. It could be because you are facing issues with your Internet and you read somewhere that changing your modem’s position might help to solve those issues. It could be because you want to boost your Internet connection by placing the modem in some open area where there are less connection barriers. It could be because you want your Internet modem closer to your devices. Anyhow, you can move your Internet Modem to another room. If you are not sure about how to do it, contact us and we will take care of moving the modem.
Are you concerned that you do not have a power point where you want the NBN connection installed? Then you will definitely need to get an expert technician to install one for you. Contact us and we will be there to help you!
Most ISPs allow you to transfer your broadband connection to a new address. This is as long as they have coverage in that area. If you are wondering about this, contact us and we will help you out!
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