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Peripheral Setup, Troubleshoot and Repair

Bought a new printer, scanner, copier, camera or speaker? And not sure how to configure and sync it with your computer?

Perhaps you need to install specific drivers and/or software?

Possibly you just want to fix your existing faulty devices!

Wondering how to do it?

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Peripheral devices connected to your computer can be via USB port, serial port, parallel port, specialized network card, or Ethernet network. We’ll understand your requirements and then do the setup of your preferred peripheral device connected to your computer or network.

Are you experiencing problems with peripheral devices such as your mouse, keyboard, webcam, or another accessory? Or else did peripherals stop working following an update? Well, the good news is that we’re here to fix these common problems with PC peripherals.


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Peripheral configuration is configuring the peripheral devices to the computer. The input peripheral devices are used to give commands to the computer. Before any output can operate on a computer, an output device must be connected to it. You needn’t configure these peripheral devices on your own. You can always contact us and we will help you!

Can you imagine having a hamburger without your favorite sauce or mayonnaise? Similarly, it is important to install and configure your favourite peripheral devices. Here are some important peripheral devices.

Mouse: It is the most common device that we need for a desktop. It is normally plugged in via a USB connection. It can be installed just plugging the mouse in and the drivers will be searched for by Windows itself. You can configure the mouse from the control panel where its speed can be improved. If you are worried that you may not know how to configure your mouse properly, contact us and we will help you out!

Keyboard: It is connected through a USB connection at the back of the computer. You would need to go through the manufacturer’s website to know what the drivers are for the keyboard, and then can get them installed when you connect the keyboard to the computer. If it is too confusing for you, contact us and we will help to figure out.

Printer: For printers, there is software and you need to install the appropriate drivers to get them work. The configuration can be done manually once it is connected to the computer. Don’t know how to do it? We can help you.

Microphone: It has specific drivers and the configuration can be made through the control panel. Don’t know how to do it? Contact us and we will help you!

Digital camera: You can connect it directly to the PC. For transferring pictures, install the driver that comes with the accessories. Contact us and we will install and configure it for you!

Camcorder: Do you upload videos on the video sharing websites like YouTube? You can use this tool to record the videos and then can upload them on the PC. After editing, you can upload it to the website. To transfer the videos from the camera, you need a Firewire. This can be used to display the video instantly on some displays. Wondering how to install and configure this? Contact us and we will help you.

Having trouble with your printer? Contact us and we will be there to help you. An infield tech will be sent to your home to repair your printer.
One of the areas of failures and faults with speakers occurs with the coil. Moisture or dampness on part of the cone can cause this. This can be heard in a grating noise as the speaker is used. Or rubbing can be heard if the cone is moved in and out manually. When removing, gently hold the cone. Remember that it is made of paper and can damage easily. Carefully move the cone back to the centre. It might be necessary to repeat the action after some time. But this method can occasionally work. So, it is always better to call an expert for this. Contact us and we’ll help you!

Are you frustrated because your scanner won’t turn on at all? Perform the following tasks to troubleshoot a scanner.

• Install the latest scanner driver
• Log in with a new account
• Rescan the image using a different colour mode
• Restart your computer with start-up items disabled
• Scan the image into another application as a TIFF file and then convert it to a PDF file
• Specify the size of the image in the preview panel of the scanner software
• Verify if the scanner works by scanning in another application

If you need any help, contact us and we’ll be there to help you!

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