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Gaming technology and software companies make advances every year with improvements in graphics, gameplay, user experience, user interactivity, and multiplayer interaction. It is all about the user experience and how immersive the gaming experience can be. With a variety of platforms and gaming software designed for them, it is inevitable that there will be some problems along the way.

Some of the most common gaming platforms are:

  • Laptop or PC gaming devices   
  • Gaming consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.)
  • Portable handheld gaming devices (PSP, Nintendo etc.)
  • Smartphones and tablets

Issues can arise with each of these platforms or gaming devices and can interrupt or ruin your gaming experience.

1. Personal computers/ Laptops

Most computers and laptops are built for functionality and not for gaming performance. This limits the kind of games one can play on a personal computer. There are, however, hardware modifications and upgrades that will allow for a wider range of games and better performance. For better gaming experience on a PC/laptop, there are computers designed with optimal GPU/graphics cards, hard disk space, processor speeds, and essentially better configuration for gaming purposes. But even then, over time, there can be issues users face with their gaming experience.

Some of the common issues we’ve seen faced by PC/Laptop users

Visual glitches

These glitches can occur because of a variety of reasons. The computer hardware should be compatible with the minimum hardware requirements of the game, and the drivers should be updated. One of the most common problems is overheating. The vents need to be clear for your computer processor to function at peak performance. The average temperature most computers run at is approx. 30-35 degrees Celsius, while playing a game it can be between 60-80 degrees Celsius! Anything above 90-100 degrees Celsius impedes performance and could be a risk to your computer. Most computers shut down automatically and can restart after cooling down, but this can be very frustrating.It can be resolved with periodical servicing, cleaning, and maintenance of your computer.

Hanging / Freezing

When your game freezes or hangs while you are playing interactive multiplayer games, it can be frustrating. If you experience freezes or frequent hanging, it could be an issue with the settings that make the game more compatible with your computer’s hardware. However, most often it is because one of the components isn’t performing properly. Our remote or onsite technicians can assist you with upgrades or modifications to your PC to provide a better gaming experience

Screen tearing

Each computer has a FPS setting for optimal visual performance. This problem could occur if the gaming software is designed for a higher/different frame rate resulting in the GPU catching up with the gaming software.

Game Crashing

This is probably the most frustrating problem for a gamer. It is one thing when the game slows down or freezes for a while and you miss out on some of the action, but when your game crashes, you could lose progress, points, changes or data. If this happens often on your PC gaming devices, home gaming devices or video game console, call a professional to assist you so that you can have the problem resolved permanently.

Lag / connectivity

Lag and connectivity with online multiplayer games can be a problem for you and your team/opponents.

Lag is a delay between a command and server response. With P2P connections, it could be your opponent’s, or your network connection. But with games with dedicated servers the problem could be with your internet connection or hardware.

Connectivity over WiFi can be patchy if you are too far from your WiFi router, or there could be an internet issue. An Ethernet cable could help with higher speeds, but if the problem persists get a professional technician to assist you.

2. Gaming consoles

The gaming issues mentioned above can apply to most gaming platforms. With video game consoles you need to make sure you have your system up to date, if you are still facing issues with performance, call for professional assistance. These devices can be expensive, and there could be further problems if it is not handled by professional technicians

3. Portable handheld devices

The most common problems with portable video game consoles are, low battery life, and cases bending or cracking. They are easy to put in your pocket or backpack, but with this portability come the risks of damage and low performance.

4. Smartphones / Tablets

High performance gaming was not the primary function of smartphones and tablets. However, over the years gaming apps for these smart devices have become more immersive and heavy on space, RAM, and processors. If the phone’s hardware just isn’t enough to handle the game, then there isn’t really much you can do about it. But if your phone’s hardware is compatible with the game and you’re still facing problems, you could call our remote techs to help you resolve the issue.

Our experienced technicians are available to assist you any time to ensure you have an uninterrupted gaming experience. We are available remotely, virtually, on chat, and can schedule an onsite visit if required. 

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