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Quick, dependable, and affordable laptop and computer repair services in Gold Coast and surrounding areas

We depend on our computers for almost every aspect of our lives. So when we have an issue, we just want someone to, “fix my computer, and fix it quick”! But assistance does not always come when you call for it. At QuickTech, we value customer satisfaction, and we ensure every technician in Gold Coast meets our customers as soon as possible and resolves the issue quickly. No matter what make or model, what operating system you are running, our computer technicians in Gold Coast are fully trained to handle any issue with any PC, Mac, or laptop. We also offer the best online computer repair services in Gold Coast. If you want to call in for support, our team can help you with PC repair via remote support. Our onsite computer repair services are available in Gold Coast and we can assist you any time.

Our helpline is open; call us today on 07 3555 6050 for any onsite computer repairs in Gold Coast.

When you need help urgently and want a problem resolved quickly, call for a QuickTech computer technician in Gold Coast to help you get the problem fixed.

Computers have become a lifeline when it comes to work, personal communication, social media, and just staying connected. When these devices stop working, we want quick resolution. Our emergency computer repair services in Gold Coast are available specifically for times like these. Our expert computer technicians in Gold Coast are available for onsite computer repair and support. We can have a technician come to your house or office to assist you with any issue; no matter what brand or model you have. If you have Internet access, we can help with PC repairs via remote access and help you resolve the issue faster. We can assure you our team will help you get the job done.

When it comes to computer component repairs, or replacement, or even circuit board repairs, it can be a more complicated fix. But we have access to a wide range of computer components and parts and will source whatever is needed to fix your computer, so that you can get back to your work. We have local repair shops and onsite computer repair services in Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Call our helpline any time, our consultants are friendly and helpful, and we understand how urgently our customers require resolution. We can help you get the job done in no time. Call us today.

Services we offer

  • Some of our services include:
  • Onsite computer repair
  • Performance optimization
  • Fixing heating issues
  • Setup and configuring wireless networks
  • Data protection
  • Virus protection
  • Screen repair or replacement
  • Computer component repairs
  • PC repair via remote support
  • Laptop wireless card replacement
  • RAM optimization
  • Graphics card testing and replacement

We are available anytime to assist you when you need help. Call our helpline number 07 3555 6050 today.


Like humans, even computers have a lifespan. The average lifespan of a computer is typically between three to five years and is gauged by various factors, including usage patterns, computing needs, and environmental conditions.

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Spyware and adware slow down your computer, which can be frustrating and can be very difficult to get rid of. If you are using antivirus software, then you should be safe from spyware and adware. But somehow, if your computer gets infected, then here are some steps to remove the spyware.

  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Try to uninstall the program
  • Scan the computer
  • Access the hard drive
  • Prevention

Follow these steps and you can remove the spyware from the system.

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If you want to sell Windows 10, then you need to wipe the computer because it is important to delete every other personal information and data as you are selling it away to someone. Wiping it and starting fresh can help you reclaim your hard drive space and return your computer to full, factory-fresh performance. Let us look at the steps on how to wipe the computer.

  • Click the start button and then click Settings.
  • Click Update and Security.
  • Click Recovery.
  • On the Recovery page in the “Reset this PC” section, click “Get started.”
  • On the “Choose an option” page, click “Remove everything.” Then follow the instructions to complete the process, and Windows will reset the computer back to its original configuration with a fresh install of Windows.

Now, you are good to go!

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If you have an old laptop that still works, then you can entirely turn it into something like a home server. Laptops are particular, though—due to their small size and all-in-one nature, a bit of DIY work can turn a laptop into just about anything. Here are some options.

  • Make it work well again.
  • Mount it on the wall.
  • Create an emergency Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Turn it into a hideaway Media Center.
  • Build a short-throw Projector.
  • Convert it into a Silent Server or a Desktop PC.
  • Transform it into a tablet.
  • Salvage the Monitor.
  • Gut it for Parts.
  • Sell it, even if it is broken.

You can go for these options if your old laptop is still working.

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In general terms, you should replace the wrong hard drive rather than going for a new system with a new hard drive. However, you should only make your decision to do this after making sure that the drive is truly irreparable. If your system’s hard drive is terrible, then it might be worth considering replacing it with a working one.

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