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New Mobile Device Setup

Excited about your new mobile phone or tablet? Perhaps you want your favourite Apps installed.

But you’re concerned and don’t know how to get it configured with confidence?

Call us on 1300 016 017 and we will configure appropriate settings, themes, layouts along with trending Apps.

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Having trouble connecting your mobile to the Internet? Well, we’ve got you covered! We will perform the initial setup and connect the device to the Internet.

You might be having Samsung or Apple ID and you’re not able to setup your account? Well, leave it to us and we’ve got you covered!

Are you finding it difficult to setup your email account(s)? Well, we’ll help you with this.

Finding and installing apps is something every mobile device user should know how to do. Well, you need not panic! We’re here to give you a demo in detail.

Wondering how to connect to a wireless network? Well, worry not when we’re here to give you a demo!


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tom hatfield
tom hatfield
absolute pro attention from a man called dave so polite and nothing was to much trouble. gee i am glad i am a customer of yours. sorry but i am wrapped in the service. tom hatfield. soooo happy.
Gwenyth Francis
Gwenyth Francis
I have use Optus Premium home support for a few years and have always found their service courteous, informative, efficient and reliable. Recently I had concern that I had allowed a virus into my computer and requested a check. This check was prompt and very thorough and all files in my computer were checked, including the deeper internal ones. This work took four hours but it was extremely important. The professionalism and the courtesy to the consumer is excellent. It is also of value that the work is done remotely
joy gough
joy gough
Thank you Regan for solving my problems.
Jenny Ilasi
Jenny Ilasi
THANK YOU Optus premium. You people are my lifesaviours. I love your wonderful work and would recommend you to anyone!
Robyn Veivers
Robyn Veivers
Dave…thank you for an excellent job in installing my norton security tom veivers
Roger Andrew Forster
Roger Andrew Forster
Brian Olley
Brian Olley
Always call promptly and have always fixed my problem with email in particular.
Sally James
Sally James
bruce heyward
bruce heyward
Adam had to endure an hour with Optus Chat Line only to be redirected to a team member who fixed the problem in five minutes. He was exceptionallypatient and professional.
very prompt always polite


Setting up a replacement phone or getting a new Android phone can be a daunting prospect for some: there is a lot to deal with and it is often easy to forget some things along the way. In order not to dampen your excitement over purchasing a new phone or tablet, you need to survive the complications of the first-time setup.

  • Check your Do Not Disturb rules
  • Set your default apps
  • Apply a new system theme
  • Check out your brand-new phone’s gesture shortcuts and navigation options
  • Set up Google Assistant’s Voice Match and switch on OK Google to wake/unlock
  • Turn on automatic backups for Google Photos
  • Purge your app list
  • Add custom ringtones and text tones for your favourite contacts

For further clarification, please contact us.

If you have purchased a replacement smartphone, you need to transfer all your important data from your old phone. To do this effectively, you will first need to back up your old Android device

  • Ensure that the new and old devices are connected to Wi-Fi
  • On the old Android, go to Settings and sign in to your Google Account.
  • Then, go to Accounts & sync in Settings and turn on Auto-sync data if it is off.
  • Return to Settings
  • Tap Backup and reset
  • Make sure that Backup my data is on.
  • For Backup account, add a backup account if it’s not already added.
  • Finally, make sure that Automatic restore is additionally switched on.

In case you need to know more, please contact us.

Did you know that you can search for and set up some devices close to you using your new smartphone? Android is the smartest OS for smartphones worldwide, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

  • First, insert your SIM card and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Import your backup data and sign in to Google account
  • Also, make sure to set up security options with additional services if required.
  • Remember to go through your manufacturer’s setup process as well.

There’s a lot to learn, so whilst you are getting to know your new phone, be patient – it’s worth it!. If you have any more queries, please contact us.

Configure the ServiceNow mobile app in order that your users can access the app instantly from their mobile devices. To test your configuration, you can use the app that is installed on your mobile device. To get the mobile apps, go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and look for ServiceNow to download the available mobile apps.

ServiceNow mobile apps are built on a hierarchy. The ServiceNow Mobile App Screens and Apple Launcher plugin activate related plugins if they’re not already active. If you have more queries, please contact us.

Installation of Android is a vital step. Every so often, a replacement version of the Android tablet’s OS becomes available. You might come across a few problems when installing Google’s popular OS on a Windows tablet.

Connect your Android phone to the Wi-Fi Network. Go to Settings, then About Device and click on System Updates. This will enable you to check for Updates and update to download and install the latest Android version. Your phone will automatically reboot and update to the latest Android version when the installation is completed.

For more information, please contact us.

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