antenna service and repair
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On-Site Support Available.

Antenna Service and Repair

Is your TV antenna faulty? Is your TV picture dropping out?

QuickTech will come onsite to diagnose and repair all antenna issues. We will repair or replace damaged cables to get your TV picture perfect again.

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Service Includes

  • Call out and quote supplied
  • Once the quote is received, the call out fee will be deducted and provided to you
tv antenna repair
antenna repair


It is the responsibility of the real estate agent or body corporate to organise the upgrade and maintenance of the antenna system.
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Customer Reviews

My TV stopped working, so I found these guys while searching for local techs in my area. The tech came out and found that the antenna was rusted (even showed pictures to prove it). The tech gave me a quote to replace it but didn’t pressure me to do the work. He said think it over and give Quick Tech a ring. After a few days, I called back and the tech came out the next day. The issue is now fixed and I am very happy with the service provided by these guys. Would definitely recommend them to anyone with antenna issues.

Sienna Wittenoom


“My ISP didn’t tell me that I needed an antenna when I switched from…” a streaming service using a dish setup“… Quick Tech provided me with a quote for a new antenna at a reasonable cost.

Kayla McIlrath