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Remote and On-Site Support Available.

Computer Training

Are you new to computers or getting overwhelmed with computer technology?

QuickTech can help you learn and upgrade computer skills, efficiently set up computer filing and be there to take your skills even further. Make an appointment with QuickTech and let us help you!

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Service Includes

  • Give overviews of Windows or MAC features and update changes
  • Review basic operation system (OS) navigation
  • Covers up to 1 hour of training
  • Review web browser basics
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Our engineers are highly skilled with most common Microsoft and Mac computer programs and will guide you through these. However, where we are unfamiliar with a software product, it might be company or industry specific, we will direct you to a their support function, helping uncover the contact source for you if necessary.
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Customer Reviews

I greatly appreciate all of the help that the computer trainers offered me. Although I have had a personal computer at home for quite some time now I think that I could honestly say that I was not really very "computer literate", so I needed assistance all the time. But now I can handle the basic things on the computer. Thank you QuickTech.

Fredrick Ward


Yes but I don't know his name. QuickTech is my lifeline just knowing that someone can help me. Not only are the staff members polite but they are also pro-active in offering their help, eg. tidying up my computer along with computer training. Many thanks for a job well done

Darryl Burke