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Data Backup

Space jam on your computer?

Are you forced to delete files, photos, videos to accommodate new ones?

QuickTech will help you back up to an external storage device; using either, CD/DVD/USB drive, an external hard drive, or cloud-based storage so that you will never have to delete wanted files from your computer again.

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Service Includes

  • Backup and restore from a CD or DVD
  • Backup and restore from an external hard drive or USB
  • Backup to a cloud storage
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It is always a good practice to regularly back up your data that is stored on the computer. There are a number of scenarios in which the information on your computer could be lost. Consider backing up your data periodically or when you have important files that you require for future use. It is very difficult, time consuming and costly to recover lost, stolen or corrupt files. Backing up frequently avoids this.
You can use any of the following media, Cloud Storage (for example OneDrive and iCloud), USB and hard drives, and, CDs and DVDs.
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Customer Reviews

I have used some remote technicians for my data back up and management in the past and never found them very trustworthy. It is nice to finally find an IT company that I can trust with my devices and network

Lara Bruce Eliza Cary


After hours of searching, James found my missing tax statements. With the help of a simple program, he showed me what had happened and where to find the files if they are lost again. Thanks, James. You are a lifesaver.

Rory Maruff