modem and phone line relocation
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Modem and Phone Line Relocation

Moved your computer to a new location and your internet no longer works?

Our QuickTech experts will get your computer connected to the internet again! Call us now for any of your modem and/or phone line relocation queries.

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Service Includes

  • Relocation of a router or phone line (within the premises only)
  • Specialising in NBN connection relocation
  • Additional charges will apply to more complex jobs
modem set up
phone line relocation


To relocate a modem or phone line, a specific license is required, which all of our qualified electricians carry. This license means that you can trust that the new connection is up to Australian Safety Standards.
To relocate the modem or phone, a new line needs to be installed. Additional parts and labour might be required for installation, and it is not until our electrician can visit your location to quote for the cost for the job.
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Customer Reviews

My issue only took the technician 10 minutes to solve, which was diagnosed as a $250 fix by other technicians. They made sure that I got the most out of the service

Brooke Moss


Aaron was so polite and fixed my connection issues without hassle. He gave me clear guidance on how I can do basic troubleshooting if it stops working in the future. Thank you for the support

Emily Johnson