new computer set up
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New Computer Setup

New computers are exciting but need to be configured.

QuickTech will configure your new machine, install all the necessary software, (including anti-virus) remove unwanted applications and programs: and customise the computer to your needs. QuickTech also does a full system update; ensuring software and security is current.

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Service Includes

  • Initial setup of Microsoft Windows and Apple MAC
  • Perform system updates
  • Remove unwanted files and software
  • Help setup user accounts
  • Assistance in setting up parental control for PCs
  • Test hardware and software functionality
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New PCs generally need some setting up to get it ready to use. The first thing to do would be to set up the main user for the computer. This might involve setting up new Microsoft or Apple accounts. Once the PC is logged in, you will need to check for updates, install your favourite programs and set up the antivirus protection. Parents might want to set up parental controlled accounts for their children.

All this might not sound like an easy task and that is where we come in. QuickTech will set up the PC to match your personal preferences.
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