os (operating system) install or reinstall
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OS (Operating System) Install or Reinstall

Unhappy with your Operating System? Upgrade your Windows or MAC OS?

QuickTech can help you reinstall the same version of your existing operating system or install a new operating system on your machine; safeguarding all your existing data. QuickTech ensures all drivers and software are fully operational on your new system.

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Service Includes

  • Install or reinstall the operating system on one computer (OS discs might be required and will not be supplied. Genuine OS license is required.)
  • Ensure that all necessary drivers have been installed
  • Make sure the system is up to date
  • Verify the system is functioning properly
computer formatting
upgrade os


Our technicians can help you with the install or reinstall the operating system on one computer. We ensure that the computer that you have can support the new operating system. In some cases operating system installation discs or USBs are required and will not be supplied by us. QuickTech will guide you through this process.
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Customer Reviews

My system stopped working in the morning before work. Not only were Quick Tech able to get my issue resolved with a new Operating system reinstallation, but the technician also called me back on time and made sure I could make it work on time. Thank you so much.

Julian Farrar


I have always been worried about people accessing my computer remotely. The technician was very friendly and stayed on the phone with me for the whole time when they were fixing my system. We had a very pleasant chat and I would definitely recommend Adam and the services offered by QuickTech

Jackie Henderson