software install or uninstall
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Remote and On-Site Support Available.

Software Install or Uninstall

Is your software properly installed to run smoothly and efficiently?

QuickTech will install and configure your software, including setting up of automatic software updates and security features.

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Service Includes

  • Confirmation of compatibility and installation of software
  • Perform any required software updates
  • Setup relevant shortcuts and links
  • Removal of unwanted software bundled software (such as add-ons)
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Customer Reviews

The girl (I did not get her name) was so very patient and helpful and seemed to appreciate that I am elderly and not so good on the computer. She did not keep me waiting while she fixed things but called me back when she had worked things out

Sophie Remington


Alex was punctual and efficient. She was not judgmental when dealing with our ancient computer and software. Alex was fantastic to deal with and I'm thrilled with the outcome. Thank you again, Alex.

Kai Connor