new mobile device setup
Price Start at $175

On-Site Support Available.

New Mobile Device Setup

Do you have a new mobile phone or tablet that needs setup and configuration?

QuickTech will set up and import your personal content and configure the appropriate settings, themes, layouts - together with trending Apps - to make your device a pleasure to use.

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Service Includes

  • Perform the initial setup and connect the device to the internet
  • Setup of any relevant accounts (for example Samsung and Apple ID)
  • Setup email account(s)
  • Demonstrate how to find and install new apps
  • Demonstrate to get connected to a wireless network
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Our engineers will show you how to use your mobile device and if it's functions. If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask the engineer.
Yes our technician can also help set up your device on your home network and also help set up a few apps on your mobile device.
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Customer Reviews

Absolutely phenomenal! The technician listened to me very patiently and fixed the issues I had very quickly. I am really impressed with the way he handled it. I will definitely get in touch with you again. I would love to recommend QuickTech to my friends.

Bianca Van Otterloo


Excellent service provided by technician. Very polite and courteous. The problem solving by the technician was magnificent. He tried a number of things, was tenacious and resourceful, and took the time to get the set up done correctly even when the place I got the mobile from couldn’t help me. He prevailed and resolved all the issues and ensured that I understood my device completely. He answered all my questions and he never seemed annoyed with me and was answering all the questions very patiently. I was impressed. Thanks.

Gabrielle Lazar