security camera installation
Price Start at $189

On-Site Support Available.

Smart Security Cam Installation

Security cameras give peace of mind and provide video footage to identify trespassers.

QuickTech identifies appropriate locations and install cameras to give an optimal vision of your home. Speak to one of our technicians today!

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Service Includes

  • Identify the installation area(s)
  • Install the smart cameras
  • Connect the cameras to the WiFi and do the initial setup
  • Setup the bundled mobile app
  • Demonstrate basic functionality
security cameras
security camera repair and installation


There are numerous security cameras available, each one with different features and benefits depending on your location and needs.

And most of the smart camera installation process is fairly similar across brands so we can help you with it if you give us the particular make and model of your security camera.
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Customer Reviews

Quick tech guys helped me in upgrading my security system. They offered professional service and gave clear guidance on the system operation. Now my property is fully safe and secure, thank you Quick tech. I had great pleasure in dealing with you. Very impressed!!! I am 100% satisfied with the services offered by you. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a home or business security

Natalie Henley


Quick tech did an amazing job installing and upgrading my security system at a very competitive price. Thanks to all concerned people for the fantastic service. I can actually want to call them the professionals!!! You deserve a 5-Star rating!!! A company you can trust.

Oliver Wenz