video doorbell installation
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On-Site Support Available.

Video Doorbell Installation

Do you want the best video doorbell available?

QuickTech can advise on and install your video doorbell; making sure that it is configured and tested to provide a great safety feature to you in the home.

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Service Includes

  • Provide an assessment of the installation area (additional charges might occur due to accessibility)
  • Install one video doorbell
  • Connect the doorbell the network and perform the initial setup
  • Customise the device preferences
  • Demonstrate basic functionality
  • Please note: A functioning doorbell is required at the installation area for hardwired video doorbells
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video door bell


Our engineers can help you with everything computer related and no enquiry is too big or small. We make sure that you get the most out of your session with us with plenty of time to ask us questions. Our view with technology is that there are no time wasting questions, we’ve heard them all many times, we simply want to help ally your concerns. Tech can be frustrating and here at QuickTech we’re here to help.
For hard wired video doorbell, the technician would need to drill to install the device. If you have a battery doorbell, then it might be possible to stick the device to the wall instead.
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Customer Reviews

The technician was very patient. This was important because I am not very tech savvy. The Team was great with install. Answered all my questions I had and an expert at his job.

Emmet Wuckert


This doorbell is awesome, it's nice to see who's coming to your house. I also keep the camera on when I'm home so I can see the people before they even ring the doorbell. Great way to see what's going on outside….. Technicians were professional and friendly. Very happy.

Sara Catchpole