wifi security setup & optimization
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Remote and On-Site Support Available.

WiFi Security Setup & Optimization

Unauthorized use of your WiFi network? Overcharged for your internet usage? Does your internet lag?

QuickTech will help you to increase your security, optimize data usage and speed up your download.

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Service Includes

  • Security assessment of the WiFi network
  • Secure and optimise the network
wi-fi set up
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The internet can be a scary place. Our engineers will analyse your network to assess risks and minimize potential threats. We'll also make sure your network is optimized for speed, security and reliability.
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Customer Reviews

I was having internet drop out issues for weeks now. After several calls to my ISP, I decided to look elsewhere. Quick Tech answered my call right away (so glad I didn’t have to listen to that annoying hold music). They were able to get a tech to call me back within an hour, and the technician solved my internet issue very quickly. All that was needed was a quick setting change. I am glad to have a support team that actually works

Leo McAuley


The Technician rang right on time, he ran scans on both my PC & Laptop simultaneously. He rang me back to give a verbal report on the state of my computers. I then requested a speed check on my Internet which he performed, nothing was too much trouble for him. All up, a very pleasant person to deal with.

Chelsea Dynon