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When it comes to your computer being repaired, you want to be sure it is in competent hands. Your data and other information are at risk if the person fixing your computer doesn’t know what they are doing, and potentially, could cause further damage. At QuickTech, we hire and train licensed technicians in all makes and models that come out each year. We ensure that every customer’s issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a PC or Mac, you can be sure our computer specialists in Shepparton will be able to resolve the issue. If any part needs to be replaced, we have registered suppliers that can provide any component at any time. You can call our helpline for further information; our consultants in Shepparton are available to answer any query you may have and provide any information you need. We will set up an appointment for a site visit immediately, or at a time convenient for you.

Call our helpline number 03 8657 2751 to get an expert technician in Shepparton at your doorstep today.

Whether you have a PC, Mac or any laptop, our technicians in Shepparton will be able to assist you with any computer problem you may be experiencing.

If you have any problem with your computer, and you need a computer specialist in Shepparton to help you fix it; call QuickTech. We have teams of skilled and experienced technicians in Shepparton and surrounding areas. Some of the most common issues our customers face are:

  • Slow computer

A slow computer is one of the most frustrating things. It can be because of various reasons, and you can try a few things before calling a technician. Delete unwanted files and software, clear up any unnecessary files from your desktop, defragment your hard disk, and check all the applications running in the background and remove the ones you don’t need. If the problem persists, call a professional to assist you.

  • Noise

The two most likely culprits for this issue are the cooling fan or the hard disk. If it is the hard disk, it could mean it is damaged and could stop working at any time. You should backup all your important information on an external drive and replace your internal hard disk. If it is the fan, it could be because your computer is overheating, or the cooling fan is not working properly. You might need to get the fan adjusted or replaced. Our technicians in Shepparton can assist you with this.

  • Overheating

A computer heats up while playing a game or using software that takes up a lot of processing power, so the cooling fan usually brings the temperature down to an acceptable level. But if your computer is overheating even when you are doing basic tasks, it might be an issue with the cooling fan. Contact your computer services and have the cooling vents cleaned. If the problem persists, you might need to repair or replace your cooling fan to resolve the issue.

Call our helpline today to book an appointment, and we can help you whenever you need assistance.

Our services in Shepparton include:

  • Fixing heating issues
  • Hard disk replacement
  • Screen repair or replacement
  • Hard disk partitioning
  • Graphics card upgrades
  • Performance optimization
  • Fixing glitches
  • WiFi card replacement
  • Setting up a home network
  • Data backup and restore
  • Reinstalling operating systems
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Motherboard repair or replacement

Our consultants in Shepparton are available to assist you at any time. Call our helpline number 03 8657 2751 to book a visit.


It can be frustrating if the computer slows down, but there is always a way to clean up your computer and make it run faster. To do that, you need to:

  • Uninstall unused programs
  • Delete temporary files
  • Install a solid-state drive
  • Get more hard drive storage
  • Get more RAM
  • Run a disk defragment
  • Run a disk clean up
  • Vacuum out the dust
  • Your computer will run smoothly.

Contact us for computer repairs in Shepparton.

Yes, system restoration will delete a virus. To make sure that no virus is still residing on your computer, you can also delete all the system restore points and do a manual cleaning of the virus or let your antivirus software handle it if it can. You can also reinstall the operating system to ensure no virus is present in your system.

Get in touch with us for computer repairs in Shepparton.

If your computer is taking time to startup, do not worry because we will mention the fixes that can bring back your system to normal.

  • Disable fast startup programs
  • Update drivers
  • Clear desktop files
  • Shorten the boot time out
  • Upgrade Windows
  • Add more RAM
  • Install the SSD

With these fixes, you will not have a slow startup computer.
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Computer repair technicians can expect to make about $50 to $75 per hour if they are professionals. They need to have good qualifications and knowledge in that specific field to make that much money. However, if one is starting to fix computers at the start point, you can expect to get around $20-$30 an hour. Then, as you get more references, you can slowly raise your rates to get on par with the industry-standard pricing.

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Laptop stains may not look good, but then there are definite ways to clean them off. All you need to do is follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Turn off the laptop
  • Unplug the laptop
  • Mix the cleaning liquid that is meant to clean the laptop
  • Soak the sponge in the liquid
  • Wring out the sponge until it is dry
  • Gently wipe down the stains that are present on the laptop
  • Finish the job by wiping the laptop with a lint-free cloth

This is how you can clean the stains off the laptop.

Contacts us for computer repairs in Shepparton. We are always there for you if you have any issues with the system.

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