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We cannot imagine our lives without a TV. In this time of smartphones, tablets, and other viewing devices, a television set still remains a vital piece of entertainment equipment in every household. Family TV viewing time is a cherished part of our lives. With ever-changing TV technology and the advent of Smart TVs, the features and choices are vast.

Once you have bought a new TV, you may think that you have the necessary skills and tools to go about the TV installation yourself, but think again. It is always a better idea to go with a professional to get it done. There is a lot more to TV installation than just taking your TV out of the box, plugging it in, and getting started. There are so many Smart TV options to choose from these days. Whether it is Apple TV or Android TV, you need the help of a professional to quickly get the TV setup and start enjoying the experience.

You need to keep in mind some key factors for a successful TV installation:

  • Distance from the seating or viewing area – The ideal distance from the seating depends on the screen size, type of TV, as well as the size of the room in which the TV is installed. You must ensure that your TV is at the optimal distance which gives you an enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Height of the TV wall mount – Ideally, the TV should be mounted at the eye level of the viewer. This ensures that there is minimum strain on the eyes and neck, which makes it comfortable especially for those binge-watching sessions.
  • The type of TV wall mount – There are many brands of TV wall mounts available on the market. One should enlist the expertise of a professional to choose the right one for your TV. Some TV units come with their own TV wall mounts; which is a no brainer.
  • Concealed Wiring – Nobody wants to see multiple, loose wires hanging below their TV unit. They make the whole wall and the room look messy and tend to gather dust. While you are getting a TV wall mount, you need to ensure that all those wires connecting your Smart TV to other devices are tucked away neatly.

Why should you hire professionals to install your TV?

We all like to think that TV installation and setup is a simple DIY process. But there are many details that need to be taken care of. A Smart TV is not a small investment; you want the installation to be seamless. Whether it is a new TV installation or moving the existing TV unit to a new place, it is best to leave it to the experts to ensure it is done efficiently. Professional TV installers come in with the right tools, experience, and make sure that there is no damage done to the walls. When you hire professionals, such as Quick Tech, you ensure that you not only get your TV installation done competently, but that your TV setup for all kinds of TV – Apple TV, Android TV or Smart TV – is up to date and hassle free.

How does your android TV connect to your devices?

All devices can be connected to your Android TV through wi-fi. Your Android TV and the devices that you want to connect need to be on the same network. Other devices that are not wi-fi enabled, like your set up boxes or speakers, need to be connected either through HDMI cables or USB. Ensure that you have a power source to connect these devices.

How do I set up Netflix on my TV?

Step 1: Connect your TV to the internet.

Step 2: Download the Netflix app from play store or app store.

Step 3: Open Netflix app

Step 4: Login with your login credentials.

Step 5: Start browsing. Happy watching!

Bought a new Smart TV, or want to move your TV to a new location? Leave your TV installation and setup to us! Quick Tech has experienced technicians who are adept at installing and setting up your Smart TV / Android TV / Apple TV in no time.

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