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For most Australian households, wireless internet access has become something that we simply can’t function without. Whether it’s for our work, streaming movies, gaming or even listening to music, we rely on a strong internet connection to stay in touch with friends and family, get our daily news and unwind at the end of the day.

If you need to set up internet for your home or commercial space, QuickTech can help – we provide a variety of internet technician services to ensure you have strong and uninterrupted access to WiFi at all times.

What is WiFi and Network support?

Sometimes when your wireless internet drops out, or there is a dip in its speed or connectivity, it’s a temporary issue with the network provider. Other times, however, it often requires inspection and maintenance from a qualified professional (like our friendly QuickTech experts).

While WiFi networks have become such a common resource to access the internet, the fragile nature of data transfer is complicated and there could be various issues that could cause a loss of network connectivity. Not only will we resolve the issue for you, but we can optimise your home or commercial space’s internet connectivity, speed and signal range for more efficient WiFi moving forward.

What internet technician services can we help you with?

  • Router installation and configuration
  • Configuring network security
  • Network connectivity troubleshooting
  • Device connectivity configuration
  • Speed and bandwidth testing and troubleshooting
  • Range modification or expansion

Common WiFi and network issues

  • Connectivity issues usually occur due to configuration, compatibility, signal strength software, firmware, or even hardware problems. A professional technician can help ensure your WiFi network and router is set up properly to give you uninterrupted internet access.
  • Signal strength might be lost due to the router not being configured correctly, or perhaps being outdated or incompatible with your device. If your speed doesn’t match the plan you have, then it could just be a matter of installing the right hardware and configuring your network correctly, which we can help with.
  • Compatibility issues occur when devices won’t collaborate with each other, either because of poor configuration or simply because the hardware was not designed to be compatible. We can help identify what’s causing the problem and resolve the issue.
  • Poor switch and WiFi router placement is another common (but very easily resolved) issue, where the main switch and/or router simply needs to be placed in a more central location to ensure the signal reaches every corner of the house or commercial space. If the area is too big for the WiFi to cover, you can install a WiFi booster to expand the coverage.

Reliable internet technician services for residential and commercial purposes

If you own or manage a business, you may need additional security and encryption measures put in place to ensure your WiFi network is impenetrable by hackers and other malicious cyberthreats. At QuickTech, we can advise on adequate network systems and cybersecurity software; before installing it and configuring it all for you.

Whether you’re looking to install a wireless internet connection in your home, office or commercial workspace, it’s always best to trust a qualified technician with the job. We will ensure accurate hardware/software configuration, proper installation and troubleshooting, speed and connectivity testing, network reconfiguration and more.

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Call 1300 016 017 to arrange internet technician services from QuickTech. Our experienced professionals can also assist with installing TVs, computers, smart home hubs and audio-visual equipment of all shapes, sizes, makes and models.

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