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New Home WiFi Connection Setup

Have you got a new Wi-Fi modem? Or do you need to replace an existing one?

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Installing a wireless network requires; a wireless router, a modem, two Ethernet cables and a computer or laptop with wireless capabilities. Remember most Wi-Fi systems, as well as some of the latest standard wireless routers, can now be configured completely from your smartphone.

In order to connect with a new Wi-Fi network, you can follow these steps.

  • Run the initial router setup
  • Enable the basic user functionality
  • New WiFi Connection Setup
  • Connecting devices to the network

Security is pretty vital, and with a wireless network, it’s even more important because your network’s signal might be broadcast outside your home.

In case you’ve got more questions, please contact us.

Your Google Home hangs on your every word in order to bring music requests, smart home control and answers to queries; but only if it’s connected to Wi-Fi. You can change your Google Home’s Wi-Fi network using the Google Home mobile app.

Steps to connecting to Google Home to New Wi-Fi:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Choose the Google account to be linked on the device.
  • Go to Account and select Set up device in the bottom-right.
  • Choose the location of your device and its name from menus.
  • Select your network from the list of Wi-Fi networks that appear, enter the password and tap Connect.
  • The devices will pair and shake hands for a few moments before the app informs you the device is connected.

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Your home router connects your home network to the web. The best of home routers operate as Wireless Access points and are commonly called wireless routers. Get your connections up and running by installing a new router and connecting it to your modem.

  • Connect one end of the coax to the cable wall outlet
  • Then connect the other end to the modem.
  • Connect the power to the modem and the other end to the electrical outlet.
  • Connect the router cord into a wall socket, and then connect the opposite end to the router.
  • Check the modem and router lights to verify they need power, and hook up with the network and your computer.

If you have any more requirements, please contact us.

While this basic process should assist you in getting any new router online, it’s worth noting that every model is going to be a bit different. First, place your wireless router in an open area in the centre of your home. Configure your wireless router gateway, as it will disable the router and pass the WAN IP address. If a coaxial cable is plugged into the gateway’s LAN port, unplug it and plug it into your router’s WAN port. And don’t forget to use it to connect the gateway to your router. Change your wireless router’s admin password and make sure that your router’s firmware is updated always. Then, create a password for your Wi-Fi network.

For more information or details, please contact us.

If your home computers aren’t networked, or if you would like to exchange your Ethernet network, you’ll need to obtain a wireless router. It will permit you to use wireless radio signals, or even Ethernet cables, to link your computers to each other. Along with that, it allows you to link with your printer and also to the Internet.

Here are the things required to set up Wi-Fi at home:

  • First is a modem from your Internet service provider.
  • A router is needed, as it permits you to send the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.
  • Finally, a computer, phone, or device which is capable of Internet connection to configure your router.

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