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WiFi Signal Extension And Powerline Adapters

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When running an Ethernet cable from your router to your PC isn’t an option, you’re left picking between Wi-Fi extenders or powerline adapters. But don’t know how to set it up? Well, leave it to us!

Wondering how to configure the extender or adapter for device use? Well, we’ll take care of everything!

Not able to determine the best way to set up devices on the extender or adapter? Well, we’ve got you covered!


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Poor Wi-Fi signals will affect us all sooner or later. Both Wi-Fi extenders and powerline channels are reasonable ways of enhancing poor Wi-Fi signals, but sometimes Wi-Fi extenders aren’t a good fit for your home. If this is the case, a powerline extender might be just the thing.

Powerline networks are probably a better bet for several users. For most of us, all you have to do is plug them in. Setup will likely take less than five minutes. They offer greater range and allow you to extend network access to every room in your home without too much trouble.

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The way the powerline adapter works is that you get two devices with a wall plug and an Ethernet port on both of them. The adapter will send the internet through the power cables that are inside the walls of your house. They turn your regular electrical outlets into Ethernet connections.

No, they don’t extend the Wi-Fi range, powerline adapter (PLC) products only extend your network through the electric line! A wireless PLC can extend your wireless coverage, but it may reduce your original wireless speed. So, remember that a powerline adapter assists the signal strength and coverage increases, but not the speed.

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Getting reliable and fast Wi-Fi around the entire house is often a challenge. Wi-Fi boosters also called Wi-Fi network extenders, or Wi-Fi range extenders, are affordable and straightforward; as well as adding a performance boost to your network coverage.

Yes, by adding a booster or extender to your existing network, you upgrade to the newest Wi-Fi technology, including 802.11ac speeds, without the difficulty of replacing your Wi-Fi router. Additionally, some Wi-Fi boosters/extenders feature advanced Wi-Fi technology to extend the capability of your network, allowing it to handle more devices and traffic.

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A great wireless networking setup is a modern necessity in a home or apartment; because nobody wants to be chained to a desktop if they don’t need to be. If the only way to get decent reception is for you to be right next to your wireless router, trying these simple tips can help optimize your network.

  • Update your security
  • Optimize your router settings
  • Choose a new Wi-Fi channel
  • Purchase a new router
  • Reset your router

Remember, your Wi-Fi router is crucial in determining the web speeds you get throughout your home. If you still aren’t getting the speed you need after trying these suggestions, it may be time to shop for a new internet service near you.

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A cell phone communicates with nearby cell towers by sending signals to your device. Something which interferes with communication can cause the signal to disrupt. Low telephone signals can cause all types of inconveniences when you’re trying to stay connected. Messages don’t send, streaming services can falter, and phone calls can drop out.

  • Identify the Wi-Fi access point
  • Check if the signal is being blocked
  • Place your router in the optimal position
  • Change the frequency of your Wi-Fi band

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