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No Fix, No Fee Guarantee

It is undeniably frustrating to have to pay anything at all if your device has not been fixed. Our no fix, no fee guarantee eliminates any such risks. We are committed to providing outstanding, top-quality service. If we cannot fix your problem, we will refund you. We are pretty confident that most tech problems can be fixed and we will do our level best to solve your tech problem. There are times though that the problem is terminal, often because the device, unit or appliance is really old and parts are impossible to get hold of or the application is unsupported by the original vendor. We will spot this quickly in most cases and advise accordingly. We are upfront with customers about what can and cannot be fixed. We can tell you that you need a new one instead of fixing the existing one. We can do things to help you in situations such as backing up data safely so nothing is lost and installing your favourite software on a new device. We are pretty up to speed with the latest technology products too and can give you some excellent and worthwhile advice.

Workmanship Guarantee

Our workmanship guarantee means that we take pride and care in what we do. From time to time, we need to send a technician on site. If you are dissatisfied with the service we provide, we have a dedicated team of helpful agents on the phone ready to help you. Our preference is to be given a second chance to fix your problem. But if we cannot solve the problem or you are unhappy with our workmanship, we will refund your money (see our terms of trade and refund policy for more information). If there are additional parts required to remedy the situation then we will quote for this and be very clear with you what this is for. We do not make it difficult though, we make it very reasonable because we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Also, if the technician just left your place and the problem happens again, we would be right back there to fix it for free! Trust our team for all your digital fixes.

On-Time Guarantee

Your time is very important. We do not want to keep you hanging around. If we have failed to agree to a new time that is satisfactory to you and you are inconvenienced in any way as a result, then we will refund your money. Barring an “act of God” that delays a technician getting to your site, we will refund you for any inconvenience caused. We have a refund policy based on a fair and reasonable test. And if you feel that we have not met our commitments to you then we have very helpful and friendly agents ready to take your call and resolve. We promise to offer on-time and efficient services.

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