Top 10 Tips for Computer Beginners

Top 10 Tips for Computer Beginners

Life in the modern age can be a challenge especially for people lacking familiarity with computers. This era is the time of digitalisation of everything. Computers are used in every aspect of our lives- work, school, day-to-day tasks, remote learning, online shopping, and streaming as well.

Those with good skills in using computers often excel over those that don’t. The good news is that learning to use basic computer applications is not a difficult task. After putting some effort into becoming familiar with the applications, you’ll begin experiencing far more efficient workdays.

Here are the top 10 tips for computer beginners.

1)      Know technical terms

When you start learning, learn the relevant technical terms. Data is your information, your work; rather than just facts. A program may be a set of instructions for the PC.

2)      Use strong passwords

A common entry point for cyber-attacks is the weak password you use to secure your accounts. Using the same password for each account (i.e. email, social media, forums, gaming, etc.) is already dangerous enough; using one weak password for everything is sure to attract trouble.

3)      Be patient

Be patient with yourself. Everyone finds it difficult and frustrating to find out how to use computers. Sometimes there might be a glitch or a  computer maybe old and slow. Just try to be patient.

4)      Learn at your own pace

Learn at your individual pace, and do not weigh yourself down by comparing your progress with other computer learners. Everyone learning computers has specific background and knowledge and learns to use them at their own pace.

5)      Keep practicing

Most students concentrate on theoretical concepts and avoid practicing problems. It is important to persist and do not skip the computer training thinking that it is easy. A lot of beginners also think that learning computers is tough for them, but it is not true.

6)      Know how to take a screenshot

Beginners believe that taking a screenshot is very difficult whereas it isn’t. Simply hitting the print screen on your keyboard is the easiest method to capture a screenshot.

7)      Discover the fun side

Computers aren’t just for work but are also for fun. Discover games like chess, sudoku, crosswords, cards, and solitaire. You can also use computers to listen to music and the radio and to stream TV and films.

8)      Keep back-up data

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make isn’t backing up important information. There are tons of ways to back up your information so there isn’t any excuse for not backing up your information. The best way to backup is on a USB drive by copying files to an alternative source is the bare minimum method of backing up your information.

9)      Use Cortana

One of the best advantages of the latest Windows 10 is the built-in digital assistant which can help you gather necessary information; such as your schedule.

10)  Learn Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office suite has a set of tools which functions in all spaces (school or work). If you are still not very confident about your MS Office skills, you should look at tutorials to increase your knowledge and capacity.


One of the best ways to help a learner practice using the computer regularly is to enroll them in a basic computer course. That is because they are going to be focussing on a particular software program while also improving their skills.

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