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TV Wall Dismount

Wish to dismount your TV from the wall?

But you’re not able to unscrew it properly?

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Renovating your home theatre system? Perhaps you want to dismount your TV. Well, we’ll help you with this so you can sit back and relax!

It’s always best to ask a professional to disconnect and remove any relevant AV components. Well, we have got you covered!

Neatly packing a TV and the components in a box can be challenging, no matter what kind of TV you own. Well, we’ve got you covered!

When you need to remove the mount from the wall, you worry about damaging your walls. Don't let these fears get you, though. We’ve got you covered!

Did you hide your TV wires behind the wall by concealing? While dismounting, you need to conceal in-wall rated wires wherever applicable. Well, we’ve got you covered!


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Most models of television have metal hooks on the rear. Having your TV mounted on a wall makes it feel like you have a home theatre. Wall mounting a TV frees up space and keeps the TV safe.

• First, dismount your TV from the wall.
• Then disconnect and remove all the relevant AV components.
• Make sure that you properly package the TV and every component in a box safely.
• Once the TV is removed then you should detach the mount from the wall as well.
• Remember to carefully conceal wires which are inside the wall wherever applicable.

For further information, please contact us.

Taking a TV off a wall mount is often a challenge, considering their size. A flat-screen LED TV weighs between 10 and 55 pounds. The easiest way to remove a TV from a Kanto wall mount is:

• First of all, take care of the safety lock.
•Then lift the TV from the wall mount. You can quickly and simply remove your TV from the wall.
• Simply pull down on the 2 quick releases to unlock the latches to the open position.
• Then lift the bottom of the TV away from the wall slightly, and lift the TV off the highest hooks.

In case you have any other enquiries, please contact us.

A wall-mounted TV saves a ton of space and it can be used for telephone or bookshelves as well. Make sure to use the correct tools to remove the wall mount and minimize any potential damage. It will take approximately 15 minutes to remove the wall mount and repair the area for painting. Press the bolt with needle-nose pliers. Set one side of the pliers into the hole of the bolt. Place another one on the outside edge of the bolt’s rim. Grip the grip, twist and gently uproot the wall anchor from the hole. Repeat the method to remove every bolt. For any assistance, please contact us.

It can be hard to get the TV off the wall mount sometimes. But don’t worry; we are here to guide you through it step-by-step.

• Unplug everything from the back – power, cords and connectivity cables.
• After that, slightly lift the TV up and give it a little bit of space. If the TV doesn’t move, it means there is a locking mechanism.
• Unlock all the locking mechanisms and it will release, allowing you to smoothly remove your TV.
• Make sure you are not doing this alone, as it takes two people to TV off the wall mount safely.

If there are any more queries, please contact us.

If you want to move your Samsung TV, your first thought may be to call up a technician to help you unmount it. Bear in mind, that this might be a two-person job, depending on the dimensions of your TV.

• Unplug all cables first, and then look for the safety locks and release them. Some wall mounts have them, but not all. If you’re unsure whether yours has them, carefully inspect your TV mount.
• Then detach your Samsung TV from the wall by just a tiny bit. Then you have to separate the TV from the top part of the mount by lifting your Samsung TV over the mount then placing it on the floor.
• Later on, remove the mount. Congrats! Now your Samsung TV is available to move it anywhere you wish.

In case you have any other problems, please contact us.

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