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TV Wall Mounted Installations

Are you thinking about wall mounting your TV and theatre system?

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Congrats on your new TV! If you haven’t wall mounted it yet, no worries; we have got you covered. Contact us today and we’ll install TV bracket and wall mount it.

Are there too many TV components for you to connect all by yourself? Well, we’ll help you to connect all the necessary audio and video components.

Don’t know how to neatly arrange all of those TV wires? Well, we’ll help you with this in the most professional way!

Excited about your new TV? But when it comes to setting things up to work properly, it’s a little daunting for you? Well, we’re here to configure any necessary peripheral devices!


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Installing a TV on the wall can free up a ton of space by getting rid of huge, clunky entertainment consoles, whilst providing a cleaner, neater, more organized look with no wires, cables or cords insight. You can install a TV wall mount on drywall. But make sure you know the weight limits of the wall and toggles. When choosing where to hang your television, you will also want to think about height. You want the TV to be at eye level when you are sitting on the couch, so you do not need to strain your neck while you watch. In case you are having more problems, please contact us.
Speakers are a vital part of a great TV experience. But you can’t connect the speaker directly to a TV. The best way to optimise your experience is with a dedicated surround sound system which will impress you in movies, TV and gaming. If you have a simple stereo, you can connect them to your TV because they can provide powerful sound. You can also connect them with an amplifier using an RCA (Radio Corporation of America) cable or 3.5mm adapter. Speakers can also be connected using an HDMI or optical cable. For further details, please contact us.

A drill is required for installation of a TV mount. You can try to mount your TV with a screwdriver but it might take a while! The drill to use for mounting a TV is a power drill. The power drill will keep you from stripping the screws. A professional TV mounting will guarantee that your television will be hung faultlessly and accurately. It will also ensure that you can watch all your favourite shows without having to strain your neck!. If you think that the tools might be expensive, you can always rent them out from a hardware store. Please contact us for further details and more services.

Full motion TV wall mount is particularly essential if you wish to mount your TV in a corner or recessed space. It can then be extended and provide a “floating TV” effect. Make sure that the mount fits the Video Equipment Standards Association (VESA) mounting pattern on the back of your TV. Here are the steps to mounting a full-motion TV:

• Locate the stud inside the wall and mark it with a pencil
• Then place the mount on the wall and use a spirit level to straighten it
• Mark the dots for drilling and select the VESA mount configuration
• Locate the VESA mounting holes on the rear of the TV
• Attach the VESA plate using the hardware provided and use spacers if needed
• Make sure to add on the VESA extension and tighten the bolt by using a wrench
• Drill pilot holes at markings and use a socket wrench to tighten the bolt into the stud
• Repeat this for all the studs and then place wall mount with TV onto the bolts
• Install the final bottom bolt and secure all 3 bolts using a drill

If you are having any other problems, please contact us or fill out a form on our website.

Today, a TV wall mount is just as fundamental to a front room as a coffee table or a cosy couch. Not only will your television look great hanging on your wall, but it will also free up much-needed space. These are the steps to wall mount a TV:

• Find studs in the wall
• Line up your wall mount bracket
• Drill your hole
• Fix the hanging brackets to the wall and then on your TV
• Connect the wires and lift your TV into place

Done! Enjoy watching your perfectly placed TV! In case you want further details, please contact us.

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