A Security Comparison Between DuckDuckGo and Google

duckduckgo vs google

Search Engines have a major role today. Accessing everything online requires the help of a dedicated search engine. In almost all the browsers, the default search engine is set to Google Search Engine because it can be considered as the “Big Daddy” in the search engine industry. Everything about the Google search engine is almost perfect – except for something which can annoy us to the core. That is -being tracked. Whatever webpage we are visiting or whatever we are searching for, the Google search engine keeps a track of it. 

How do we know about this fact? Well, it’s very simple. Have you ever noticed ads or services popping up on your browser screen related to stuff that you have searched for on the internet? Each and every move you make is recorded, and thus such ads and suggestions are put forward to us by the search engine. 

Due to these reasons, nowadays, people are keener on privacy. There is an option called Incognito mode on browsers today for the google search engine. It is said that using incognito mode makes you invisible to tracking. But the problem is that we are still tracked – up to an extent – even after activating incognito mode. So, we are all keen on some sort of a search engine that doesn’t track each and every search we make. 

For some time now, one search engine has gained much popularity because of the privacy and security it provides to its users, that too, absolutely free of cost. DuckDuckGo is its name and I sure do hope even you guys are familiar with it. 

Google Vs. DuckDuckGo

The major difference between DuckDuckGo and Google is their working models. On one hand, we can see that Google collects info about us wherever we go through the search engine. If you go through the privacy policy, we can clearly see it. On the other hand, DuckDuckGo’s working policy is very attractive. It upholds value to users and says that no data is collected, or users are being tracked when using DuckDuckGo. That is, even DuckDuckGo doesn’t watch what we are doing on the internet. 

One of the reasons why DuckDuckGo doesn’t track us is because when Google or any other search engine saves your IP address, DuckDuckGo sees it as a leak of privacy info. So our future searches never get influenced by our past searches. 

Another fact is that Google and other main search engines use eco bubbles to perform searches. While using the echo bubbles, our new searches get influenced by the previous search results of our friends. It is kind of weird as we and our friends always have different tastes and interests and getting coupled up with each other’s results is kind of creepy. 

Should we stick with Google or choose DuckDuckGo?

Google has always been the best search engine. There is no doubt about it. Even if you compare DuckDuckGo’s search results with that of Google’s, you can see vast differences. In terms of privacy, DuckDuckGo does have an upper hand, but by using incognito mode and also by changing some other options in the Google search engine, privacy can be made better. So, for now, considering the user-friendliness and quality of the results, Google is more user friendly. 

If you feel like trying DuckDuckGo, it will be solely for the purpose of privacy. As we all know, in the end, Google’s default settings allow it to sell personal data to third parties and also can pull data from your personal emails. DuckDuckGo assures there is no such problem while using it. So, for the sole purpose of privacy, use DuckDuckGo. 

Also, Google gets infected by viruses and malware easily compared to DuckDuckGo. 

A brief note about DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is still in development. It is not merely a search engine now but also is expanding by making new tools. The new motto of DuckDuckGo is to make new software and tools which will fit the privacy and security wishes of their users. 

If you ask them about their total count of users, to be honest, they don’t know as they do not track their users. But from official reports, it is approximately 25-30 million. Not at all bad right? 

Another fact about DuckDuckGo is that it has a good password generator which will help you to come with some good and strong passwords.

How does DuckDuckGo make a profit?

One of the main doubts that arise in our mind maybe be how DuckDuckGo makes money if they can’t sell data to advertisers. Actually, DuckDuckGo earns money through affiliate revenue and advertising. It simply doesn’t sell our data. 

In a conclusion, I would like to state that both the search engines are good with Google being the big boss of them all. But if you like privacy on all that you search and do, opt for the DuckDuckGo search engine.

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