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A Security Comparison Between DuckDuckGo and Google

Search Engines have a major role today. Accessing everything online requires the help of a dedicated search engine. In almost all the browsers, the default search engine is set to Google Search Engine because it can be considered as the “Big Daddy” in the search engine industry. Everything about the Google search engine is almost […]

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Google Patches a Couple of Chrome Zero Days

What is a Zero-Day Classification in Google? A zero-day classification can be defined as a flaw exploited by hackers and also not found by Google. A fix or patch would not have been released yet for such a flaw. Google has already responded that such flaws are very dangerous, maybe more serious than the rest. […]

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Top Benefits of Small business IT support services

Small business IT support services are much underrated. IT services are extremely important; because it is cost-effective and you have a properly managed IT service.  The IT professionals behind a small business managed network service work with the business to implement procedures, tools and processes that cater to your business; so that you are prepared […]

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Risks of Not Updating Software

You must have experienced infuriating data loss when upgrading your computer system. Such data losses can be prevented as long, as you figure out the potential risks in this process and make enough precautions. Work is hectic enough with security threats, budget cuts, employee and system performance targets, customer satisfaction reports and digital transformation objectives […]

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Why Should You Secure Your Wi-Fi?

Today’s home network includes a wide range of wireless devices! Taking basic steps to secure your home network will help protect all your devices and your information. Despite its numerous benefits, Wi-Fi connectivity does have its fair share of disadvantages. Arguably, the biggest disadvantage is Wi-Fi security, especially if your connection isn’t properly secured. There […]

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How You Can Safely Manage Your Passwords?

Password security is important to protect your sensitive and personal data from unauthorized access. However, managing your passwords can be a challenging task, especially if you prefer using different codes for different devices and accounts. Essentially, you have to remember all the passwords used to check into your accounts. Nevertheless, here are a few ways […]

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