Tips to keep in mind before video doorbell installation

Tips to keep in mind before video doorbell installation

Video doorbells are awesome as long as you are prepared for the video doorbell installation! You will be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with smart technology. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help make your new video doorbell installation go smoothly.

  • Choosing the type of video doorbell

The main dilemma you will have is picking a smart video doorbell device that can work with other devices. If you are looking into turning your home into a smart home, you will want to make sure your video doorbell device works with other devices. If you purchase a video doorbell device now, you might want to have other things that connect with it in the future.

  • Working with the current doorbell

If you have an existing doorbell, you should think about whether your video doorbell replaces it or not. If you have a doorbell now, your new video doorbell should be able to connect to the existing power and replace the current one. This makes things work a lot smoother.

  • Finding out your current doorbell type

Is your current doorbell mechanical? This is another commonly unnoticed question. There are two types of doorbells. Mechanical doorbells are the most common. Nevertheless, many homes now have digital doorbell. Go to your current chime box to find out which type you have. Take a look inside by removing the exterior cover. Is there something that physically moves to make a sound? Then it is most likely mechanical. If there is a speaker you can see, it’s a digital chime. This is something you can check yourself quite easily.

  • Having very fast broadband

Most people do not realize that video cameras that have the ability to be viewed remotely (on your smartphone, for instance) need to be connected to your Internet at home. This means having a very fast Broadband. Even if you have the best Internet available from your carrier, issues might still arise. You might already have a ton of devices that are using the Internet. Things like the number of TVs, phones, tablets, and even video game systems greatly affect your service. Most homes will need to have a router close to the front door, a Wi-Fi extender or you might even need to increase the service plan. The faster your service is, the better you’ll be able to live stream video to your mobile device. Before your video doorbell installation, check the upload speed. Use one of the many speed testers available online. You should test by going to the location of the doorbell. If your Internet is a little bit slower, then you may want to see how it works. Depending on how much you use your doorbell and even things like the time of the day it is being used, you might have issues with your notifications and mobile viewing. If you are going to have a professional video doorbell installation done, ask your provider to help.

  • Recording clips

Most likely, you will record events on your phone. These can quickly take up storage and become annoying. Many video doorbells enable cloud storage. This may have some small additional expense. If you are adding a doorbell to your home security, your provider may include some type of plan for cloud storage or you can use your own cloud provider. Having events recorded can come in handy if you experience a break-in. If the intruder leaves out the monitored areas, there might be footage to help police identify the individual and evidence to show the insurance company. You never know when this might help.

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