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Video Doorbell Installation

Video Doorbell Installation

Just bought smart doorbells to watch over your front door? And wondering how to install it?Call us on 1300 016 017 and we’ll install, ensure that it is configured and tested to provide a great safety feature!

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When easy-to-implement efficacy measures are considered, it’s vital to evaluate the installation area. Well, we provide this service. Only thing to take a note of is that a functioning doorbell is required at the installation area for hardwired video doorbells.

Did you just bought a video doorbell and concerned about its installation process? Well, we are here to install it!

Wondering how to connect your video doorbell to your Wi-Fi? Well, we’re here to help you with that and perform the initial setup!

You can personalize your video doorbell device preferences. If you're wondering how to do it, we are here to customise it for you!

If you’re not aware about how to use your video doorbell properly, we’re here to give you a demo on its basic functionality!


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Using a video doorbell greatly increases the security of your home. There are different variants of video doorbells available on the market today. A video doorbell system designed for DIY installation will cost you nothing but time, if you have the tools. Our services for the video doorbell installation start at $189. The installation cost depends upon the size and the number of video doorbells you need for your home. It also matters whether you want your video doorbell wireless or wired and monitored or unmonitored. If you want to find out more, please contact us.

Smart doorbells are a clever alternative to increase home security. When the doorbell is pressed, it gives you a picture of who is standing outside, on your phone or smart display. Steps to set up a smart video doorbell:

• The first step is to download the app of the brand of your smart video doorbell
• Then create an account on the app and set up your device
• Use your phone to scan the QR Code or MAC ID on the back of your doorbell
• Then pair it up properly and test the doorbell

For further details, contact us now.

Any Home application for video doorbells gives great video quality and range. They are developed by Maxwell Wang. The app has excellent picture quality. Even at night, it is clear. Here’s how to set up Anyhome doorbell.

• First, download and launch the AnyHome application.
• Then remember to connect to the Wi-Fi and connect to your home device.
• There are 2 options available for connectivity: Scan QR code or Search via Wi-Fi.

In case you require more details, please contact us.

The doorbell camera’s app will permit you to watch a live video stream from the camera. A doorbell camera (also called a video doorbell) is just what it sounds like: a doorbell equipped with a camera. For some of the applications, you can customize the areas and distance which your doorbell detects and alerts. You will be able to see upwards of around 50 feet easily; which should suffice for many residents. Few doorbells give out the 180-degree field of view. Many doorbell camera models also feature a speaker, allowing you to use the app to talk through the doorbell camera to the visitor on the doorstep. In case you have any other enquiries, please contact us.

Once your Doorbell Camera is physically installed and is alternating between a GREEN and RED flash you can complete the installation. From the home screen of the app, tap on the menu button and select Doorbell Camera. If this is the first Doorbell Camera being installed, tap on the green button and tap on the add Doorbell Camera. From here, follow the on-screen instructions, which can vary depending on the sort of phone you have. Then, connect your home WiFi information to the Doorbell Camera. If you need more information or installation done, please contact us.
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