The Reasons Why Your Laptop Fan is So Loud

Have you just realized that your laptop fan has become extremely loud? If yes, then there could be a lot of reasons causing this problem. The good thing is that most of these problems that cause your laptop fan to produce loud noise can be fixed easily by making a few simple adjustments. In this blog post, we are going to give you reasons why your laptop fan is so loud and what you need to do to fix the problem.

  1. Poor ventilation

One of the main reasons why your laptop fan is too loud is because your laptop is poorly ventilated. For instance, if you use your laptop on a soft surface such as on a blanket or a pillow, you may block your laptop’s natural airflow. If air cannot flow freely, then it means that your laptop interior will overheat. As a result, the fan will be forced to overwork in order to keep the laptop cool. This will trigger the fan to spin faster and louder. To prevent this, ensure that you place your laptop on a hard surface instead of placing it on a soft surface. This will ensure that there is a proper flow of air.

  1. Dust accumulation

Another reason why your laptop fan is too loud is because of dust accumulation. Dust accumulation can block the fan blades, preventing the free flow of air. When the dust settles on crucial components of the laptop such as the processor, it will not be able to dissipate heat efficiently. As a result, the fan will be forced to spin faster in order to cool the laptop. To fix this, ensure that you clean your laptop regularly to avoid dust build-up. If you don’t know how to dust your laptop, then we recommend that you hire a reputable laptop service to dust it for you.

  1. Malware infection

If malware attacks your laptop, then it will slow it down drastically. This means that your laptop will be forced to work harder to execute your commands. Your laptop processor will be forced to work harder and that means dissipating more heat. This will make the fan spin faster and louder in an effort to cool down the processor. The only way to avoid this is by installing effective antivirus software to eliminate malware that is slowing your computer. Visit your local computer service and buy a genuine anti-virus program.

  1. Outdated drivers

Outdated drivers can have a huge impact on your laptop’s efficiency. If your laptop is not efficient, then it will be forced to work harder in order to perform the required task. The fan will also be forced to spin faster and louder in order to keep your laptop cool. To fix then, ensure that you update all your outdated drivers to improve your laptop’s efficiency.

If you have noticed that your laptop fan has become loud, then it means that your laptop is struggling to operate. If this problem is not fixed on time, then it can damage other crucial components. If you are not able to fix the problem by yourself, then QuickTech is here, ready to help you. Our experienced computer repair expert will fix the problem ASAP to ensure that your laptop is operating smoothly and quietly.

Don’t wait, call our laptop repair expert on 1300 016 017 today!

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