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Computer Repair And Help

Computer Repair And Help

Frustrated over frozen/stuck computer applications? Or fed up with frequent pop-up ads appearing on your desktop?

Perhaps it’s because of specific troubleshooting issues.

Well, your computer requires a repair!

Are you wondering how to optimize your PC’s performance?

We’re here for you!

Services Offered

Diagnose and troubleshoot a single issue

If the problem is network-related and all other applications can get online, the issue is most likely isolated to a single piece of software. If so, and the software depends upon a network connection, make sure either the firewall or the antivirus software has started blocking the software from getting packets in or out. When the problem is diagnosed, then troubleshooting a single issue will be the solution.

Extra charges applied for additional computers

Support will be for a single computer and additional computers will be charged i.e. $5 per device. Contact us today and see how your PC performance improves.

Price Start At $55



Select the most appropriate service based on your requirement.


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Our highly trained engineers are here to resolve all your technical issues



Overwhelmed with tech problems? QuickTech are here to help! Our expert technicians will quickly assess and provide reliable remote or on-site solutions for all your tech problems; ensuring connectivity, efficiency, quality and peace of mind.

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  • My thanks go to Alex who serviced my computer on this occasion… I rate her 12 out of 10 for her efforts! She is always very polite to me on the phone and very helpful when discussing any of my IT concerns… Also, my thanks to Will who always rings me to confirm my bookings and on those occasions when we do not speak on the phone, he always leaves a message advising that my tech request has been received and will be done at the date and time I requested…

    Layla Serisier

  • Regan called on time. He was polite & well spoken. He understood exactly what was needed to be done. He advised me roughly how long the repair would take and rang me back when finished. He informed me that there were no “nasties” that he had had to remove.

    Brianna Miljanovic



Ensure that the power cord is properly plugged directly into the wall socket. If you are using a plugboard, please try connecting the computer directly to the wall socket. If it still does not turn on, then your computer might have a hardware fault. Please contact us to organize a tech to supply and replace the faulty part.

There are a number of reasons that cause this. If the computer fails to start up and an error shows indicating the above, then your hard drive is faulty and possibly needs replacing. Quick Tech can organize a technician to replace the hard drive for you.

Over the years, we have looked after thousands of customers nationwide. We provide a range of in-home technical support, each one matched to a specific need. We make these services simple to understand, and each service has a dedicated team to ensure we optimise customer satisfaction.

We have expert engineers to help you with:

  • Antenna installation
  • Audio and Video devices
  • Computer repair and help
  • Computer training
  • Computer Tuneup
  • Data backup
  • Email account setup
  • Mobile device setup
  • Modem and phone line setup
  • Wifi setup and troubleshoot
  • Smart home and devices
  • Virus removal and protection

Technology is always evolving, and the problem keeps coming back. Our customers are online day and night and so are our support team. Our IT staff provides fast 24-hour online support to resolve issues as well as provide advice on the best practices to maintain your IT network.

We send regular communications to all our existing customers as a part of our promise to you. Computer tune-up reminders are a big part of our essential computer support service. We have plans to fit every customer ranging from one-off to monthly support plans.

Contact us for further information and give yourself peace of mind today.

One of the reasons why customers might lose their patience is because they are transferred between departments to find a satisfactory solution. We understand our customer’s urgency and have dedicated staff offering help and best support in the market. We also ensure that a technician is assigned to you for resolving your issue. In case your issue is not resolved, you will get a refund or a credit.

Check our refund policy for more details.

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