What to know about home computer installation and computer setup service?

computer installation

Wondering what to do when you bring a new PC or computer into your place? We are often filled with questions as to how to correctly manage the setup; whether it includes working from home, or you are looking out to expand your working space. And as for a new setup, you need to look out for home computer installation and a computer setup service, so that your work process is not interrupted. We, at QuickTech, offer you many different computer setup services to choose from. We are experts in the tricks and tips, shortcuts, and pitfalls when it comes to setting up a new computer, network, printer, and other IT things, and we sort out solutions to the issues that many encounters in the computer world.

Setup and home computer installation services can be separated into:

  • Physical setting up of the new computer and the peripherals
  • The configuration and the installation of the software that is program files, operating system, and backup user data into your new PC.

One Time Computer Setup Service

Our first-time computer setup service is for those people who have recently purchased a new computer, PC, or Mac with all the software that is important for your system. This service will involve the physical setup of your new laptop or computer along with the connection of the peripherals; such as scanners and printers. With this, we also make sure that your internet connection is working well and check to see whether there are any additional requirements; such as transferring data and files from your old PC to a new PC, or backing up your important data, then also can be done by us. If you are using a network on your old computer, then we can also connect that network to your new computer.

For your pre-loaded Windows-based computer (belonging to any brand), we also suggest you use our setup service so that it will be easier for you to use as we will remove the preloaded programs you will be unlikely to use. We perform this process so that your new PC or computer is free of any kind of junkware that tends to make your system slow.

Home Computer Installation Service

This level of setup is for the people who have bought a computer that does not come with an operating system, and which does not have the software which you will require. This is a home computer installation service that includes loading the various program files which you require and upgrading the system for your PC or computer. This includes the productivity software which has to be present in a system like Microsoft Office. We also transfer all the important files and data from your old computer to the new computer, so that it becomes easy for you to use your new computer without any issues. If you are running a Mac, then you might need support to run any Windows-based software with the help of a MacOS/Windows dual operating system solution. In such a situation, we can assist you with the installation of Bootcamp or VMware software.

Setup and Installation Service Options

While we have already discussed the two different home computer installation services options before, we would also like to specify that there are a large number of different installation tasks that one might need which we can definitely provide for you. Here, all you need to do is just give us a call, or chat with our technicians, so that they can clarify all your questions and remove any doubts. Once, you have clarified what home computer installation service you require, we can move ahead and streamline your new setup.

Home Computer setup service and business computer setup

Some of the basic setup tasks which you require will need to be done at your place. This may include the physical setting up of your system; connecting all the components and the peripherals. We will also make sure that your internet connection is working with optimal speed. Your email address will be transferred and we make sure that it is functioning smoothly. Along with this, we make sure that your printer is in excellent working condition.

Home Computer Installation services provided by us

Sometimes it is inconvenient for you to have your new computer set up done in the workplace. We can perform this task remotely, and then come to you to make sure that everything is connected and all the peripheries are fully functioning, along with the correct configuration for the internet.

Why do we recommend our Home Computer Installation services?

Upgrading or installing an operating system, along with the programs/applications can be an onerous and time-consuming task; we are there to help you with this procedure. We understand the need for home computer installation services to be mindful of your work or business that needs to continue. We will make sure the process is as quickly and efficiently done as possible; reducing the loss of productivity and minimising the stress for you.

At QuickTech, we are here to help and guide you with everything to do with Home Computer installation services.  Give us a call; reach us at 1300 016 017 and we will be happy to help you.

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