How Do I Fix Email Over Quota?

email quota

Every hosting account comes with an area limit (aka Quota), like 500 MB, 2 GB, etc. Hosting users can store files, databases, or mails on this account as long the total usage remains within that space limit. In addition to this, each mail account also has its space limit (say 100 MB).

You should routinely monitor the number of messages in each of your folders. If you are reaching your quota, don’t ignore email warnings of being over quota. Ignoring these messages will only result in you not being able to send or receive mail. Here are some tips on ways to fix email over quota in the online account set up:

1)     Uncleared Trash

Some hosting users get many spam emails each day. Each email may be less than 100 KB in size, but over several months, these emails can consume hundreds of MBs or even GBs of space. While this is often a really simple point, it’s extremely helpful to keep your mailbox cleared. This includes clearing  your Inbox as well as Sent Items and Deleted Items too.

This habitually occurs for clients who use the Spam quarantine trait and then forget about it. For these customers, we recommend the automatic deletion of spam emails. For customers who wish to review the spam emails, we set up mail directory expiry settings, so that any spam mail that is older than 30 days is deleted automatically.

2)     Delete Unnecessary Attachments

The easiest method to free up space from an Email account is to delete unnecessary emails, photos, and attachments. If you use Email in the mobile app, then there are chances that Photos has auto-synced all your images and videos.

So, remove the unnecessary images and videos from photos to free up the space. Remember to keep a copy of your photos before deleting them. Open attachments and save them to your H: drive and delete the email. It is often beneficial to sort emails by

size, then remove those with large attachments.

3)     Hosting Space Exhausted

Every hosting space gets a share of space to reserve web, database and mail files. Also, many web apps, like WordPress, have backup utilities and hosting administration tools allowing the creation of multiple domains under the same hosting account.

Many customers restore backup archives to keep one or two files, but then forget to get rid of the complete archive. Video and image files are huge space users. We have seen sites storing several versions of an equivalent video, audio or image files, which have not been accessed in several months, or even years.

4)     Delete Unnecessary Emails

If you are still near quota and have removed all unnecessary emails, then you can store emails on your H: drive. To do this, use Personal Folders or Folders on My Computer. Mail messages in these folders don’t count against your email quota.

5)     Increase Mailbox Limit

To increase the dimensions limit for a mailbox, login to regulate Panel and navigate to manage individual mailboxes. You can change the limits under Services> Mailboxes> Disk Quota Management. Then select Manage Individual Mailboxes> Send Limit or Disable All Limits and click Save Changes.


With a large amount of email sent and received daily, your mailbox can fill up quickly. The best way to keep your mailbox under the quota is practicing good email management.

In case, you have any more requirements, or these tips are not helping, please call us on 1300 016 017 and our experts will help to set up an email account.

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