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Smart Thermostat Installation And Setup

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How does it sound to never feel too hot or too cold in your house ever again? Okay, how about the ability to set your air-conditioning so that it automatically turns on 10 minutes before you walk through the front door after commuting home in the heat?

A smart thermostat will help you achieve exactly that; giving you the ability to always control the temperature of your home’s interior with the click of a button on your mobile device. You can schedule different temperatures for various times of the day as per your preferences.

Once you’ve picked up a smart thermostat from a reputable manufacturer, call QuickTech for efficient and reliable smart thermostat installation services at competitive prices. We’ll take care of every aspect of your smart thermostat installation, so that it’s all set up and ready to go – we’ll even show you how the various features and functions work so that you get the most out of your newest technological innovation! 

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Considering easy-to-implement efficiency measures, it’s important to assess your smart thermostat installation area. Well, we provide this service. Only thing to take a note of is that a functioning thermostat is required at the installation area.

So you just bought a smart thermostat and now it’s time to install it. Don’t let the thought of installation process scare you. We’re here to install it!

Are you not able to connect your smart thermostat to your Wi-Fi? Well, we’re here to help you with that and perform the initial setup!

This appropriately lets you to quickly retrieve and access any required information on-the-go! We’ll help you to connect any associated mobile application.

If you’re not aware about how to use your smart thermostat properly, we’re here to give you a demo on its basic functionality!
Please note: A functioning thermostat is required at the installation area


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You might have discovered smart thermostats and how they are transforming homes around the world. But are they worth it? Yes, they give you the freedom to customize your home’s heating and cooling. The cost of a smart thermostat depends upon the size of your home, and also a few of them come with two phases or more. Smart thermostat records the pattern like the time you arrive home and then makes adjustments to amplify energy efficiency. Also, the latest smart thermostat allows you to save around 15% on your home’s energy cost. Our prices start from $189 as we install and configure a smart thermostat which can be easily operated via iPhone or Android. If you have any queries, please contact us.

Technology, which can remotely control your home’s temperature through a smart device is not in your dreams anymore! It is now a reality. Wondering how? Well, this is now possible with the installation of smart thermostat. It establishes wireless communication with other smart devices. Your HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) should be compatible (24v) before you try to hook up a smart thermostat. Remember, smart thermostats often require a C-wire, which provides 24 volts of electricity to power features such as lighted touch screens and Wi-Fi communication. For further information contact us now!

Have you imagined this? Your AC automatically turns on 10 mins before you get home! Well, a programmable thermostat enables extra control options within temperature settings. It enables you to schedule different temperatures for various times of the day as per your preferences. Here’s how to install a programmable thermostat.

Step 1: Take the cover off your thermostat. Remove the screw holding your old thermostat to the wall. Carefully pull out your thermostat. Leave its wires connected for now.

Step 2: Label the wires that are part of the existing installation. Attach a small piece of masking tape, write the letter that is indicated where that particular wire attaches to the old thermostat. Usually, the letter corresponds to the color of the wire, but not always.

Step 3: Take the existing wires to the wall or wrap them around a pencil or small screwdriver. So they do not retract into the wall cavity.

Step 4: Fix the mounting plate of your programmable thermostat to the wall. Install batteries.

Make sure to watch your bills! Contact us for more details and consultation too.

Reconnecting your Honeywell thermostat to Wi-Fi gives you remote access to your thermostat. This enables the user to enjoy optimal indoor comfort and energy savings. Follow these steps:1. Verify “WI-FI SETUP” is displayed across the top of the screen of the thermostat. 2. Once Wi-Fi setup mode is enabled, view the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device and select the network. 3. After joining the network, open your web browser to access the Thermostat Wi-Fi setup page. 4. Select the name of your network and click CONNECT to join the Wi-Fi network.If your thermostat does not display Wi-Fi Setup, remove the thermostat faceplate from the plate for 30 seconds then reattach it. Refresh the list if you do not see your home Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi network is still not displayed, turn your system off then on again. For a more detailed description of the process of connecting your Honeywell thermostat to the Wi-Fi network, please contact us.

Yes, Nest is compatible with a wireless thermostat. It can be up to 30 metres apart, but walls and large objects between them might affect the communication range. To keep your home at the temperature you set, your thermostat will automatically turn heating on and off by sending a sign to Heat Link. The Nest uses wireless in order to communicate with the Heat Link. It is Heat Link which is designed specifically for each Nest. Your Nest thermostat allows you to set a schedule with specific times and temperatures. You can also turn your thermostat’s dial to pick a replacement temperature any time you wish. In case you have further queries, please contact us.

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